We believe to help your growth in becoming a "True Disciple" you need to get your hands "dirty" for HIM. Live Oak is a church that believes in "going" and being Jesus with skin for our world to see! Some ask "where do we go and serve?" Our response is simple, "Wherever Your Shadow Falls" thats your place to serve.

  • Local Missions

    Live Oak Baptist believes in first helping the needs in our community first. If we can't do it here then we can't be effective abroad. We go and do as needs arise. We are very blessed to have opportunities to build handicap ramps for those in need and lots of other projects that come along.

  • Disaster Relief Team

    We play a very active role in the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Work. We have a team that is chainsaw trained and mud-out. We have responded to disasters all over the United States and Haiti. We are always ready to expand our teams.

  • Foreign Missions

    Live Oak Baptist has sent team to several continents to do missions. We try to go International every other year. 

  • Our Mission Offerings

    There are 3 major mission offerings that LOBC members support throughout the year: 
    Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, Georgia Barnette State Mission Offering, and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. 
    You may give in a number of ways: 
    *give online at-
    www.imb.org (Lottie Moon)
    *place your gift in the Offering plate  in an offering envelope and write the name of the offering in the memo line of your check and on the front of the envelope
    *collect money at home throughout the year in a "missions bank" and turn in the money collected in October (you may have heard these banks referred to as "black boxes") Have a family night and make your own bank :)
    Again, be sure to note that this money is designated for missions. 

    Pray and ask God what He would have you and your family give. Along with giving, we must support our missionaries through prayer. By giving and praying, we are being the hands and feet of Christ! It is an honor and a privilege to participate in sharing the gospel!